English:                         Reiki Witness 

My name is Paula and I live in the Netherlands.
17 years ago I had breast cancer and I got 4 chemo cures from which I became very ill. A niece of mine knew a woman who did Reiki and she wanted to invoke Reiki from a distance for me. I said: “That is okay”. So, the second chemo I wasn’t sick anymore. I got healed from cancer and I also wanted to help the people with Reiki. So, we went 4 days with this Reiki master and she initiated us on level A. She opened the portals to the spirit world by channeling attunement energies from Reiki guides and other spirits over us.
I went to try and heal people and it worked. Because of my passion is to help people, I wanted to be a nurse so I could help people get rid of their pain.

Then, I began to notice that whenever I had laid hands on people for healing, something would always happen to me a few hours or days later. I bashed my head several times, sprained my ankles so they were bruised several times and I fell off the stairs. Then, after I had done Reiki, I started to wait until I was hurt again.
This was not good! I stopped with Reiki. Then I met a priest and confessed to him. I have asked forgiveness and the priest has broken the Reiki in prayer and closed the portal.

I asked Jesus in my life and that was such a great moment.
Now, I also lay hands on the people but this time in Jesus’ Name and they are healed in His name. I pray for people and I now realize that there is only one Spirit that we have to work with. With the Holy Spirit of God. The rest is NOT good. Reiki is working with demons and fallen angels from the second heaven. And even if you have success in the beginning, there is always a price to pay in the end. Satan has a plan for your life and God has a plan for your life and there is nothing in-between. Go to Jesus and He will give you everything you need.
Many blessings.